Best night vision scopes

Every hunter loves and appreciates their weapon. And every hunter tries not only to keep it serviceable and clean but also to improve the rifle in such a way as to get the maximum effect on the hunt. Therefore, the modern hunting equipment market offers a vast selection of optical sights and modern night vision sights.

We offer you to get acquainted with some representatives of this segment of devices for hunting. We hope that this will help both beginners and experienced hunters to understand the best deals.

Recall that a night vision device is a device that electronically enhances the brightness of the surrounding world at night or in dark rooms. Night vision scopes can also be used for nightlife surveillance, night fishing, or photography.

Technically, the night vision device works like this: all ambient light passes through the device's lens and enters the image intensifier tube, then the lamp component of the amplifier converts the light fluxes into electrons. The electrons are amplified in a vacuum, contact the microchannel plate, and multiply. Next, the electrons are sent to the screen (phosphor), which converts them again into photons of light.

If there is not enough light around, the device uses infrared illumination to illuminate the target.

Best night vision scopes

Pulsar Digi Ultra N455

Let's start reviewing night vision scopes with Pulsar Digi Ultra N455. This high-quality product has a 500mm lens 4.5x-18x magnification, capable of detecting a target at a distance of about 500 meters. Also, the sight is equipped with wireless remote control and weighs 1.6 kg.

Digisight Ultra N455 scopes use a highly sensitive CMOS-matrix as a sensor. The large size of the exposed area allows you to register even weak radiation that is not visible to the human eye, which ensures the effectiveness of the sight in extreme night conditions. An additional zone of exact aiming is located on display at the top center, above the aiming mark. Occupying only 1/10 of the total display area, the other zone allows you to simultaneously use the entire field of view of the sight for observation. Digisight Ultra N455 digital sights are highly impacted resistant and can be used with rifled hunting weapons chambered for 9.3x64, .30-06, .300, .375. And others, as well as with smoothbore and pneumatic weapons.


 - easy to use and install;

 The camera rotates 360 degrees.


 - needs external batteries.


The next entry into the night vision niche is the powerful AGM WOLVERINE-4 NL2, a rugged and modern night vision scope that delivers excellent performance at a competitive price. Featuring a high-quality Gen 2+ image intensifier tube, adjustable illuminated reticle, easy-to-use internal horizontal and vertical side adjustment, and simple controls, the Wolverine 4 lets you see beyond what you expect at night. This optical sight is made of aircraft-grade alloy with a special coating. It features a dual-lever quick-release mount that provides high-precision rail positioning for maximum user comfort. Manual fine focusing of the top wheel offers increased precision and ergonomics. The Wolverine 4 is the ideal night vision scope for the dedicated hunter and tactical shooter.

Specifications: resolution 45-57 l/mm, magnification 4x, viewing angle 9 degrees, focusing from 10 meters, power supply - lithium battery CR123A 3V (battery life up to 50 hours of active use).

Weight - 1.2 kg.


 - military grade equipment;

 - high definition of the image;

 - strong construction.


 - price.

ATN X-Sight-4k

Now let's talk about ATN X-Sight-4k. This model specializes in powerful magnification thanks to its 6x zoom. The 480p image allows you to see the target at a distance of 200 meters. Impact-resistant optics and multi-layer coating provide excellent light penetration and moisture protection. Also, this night vision riflescope is equipped with automatic brightness control adjustment.

Specifications: magnification 3-14x, 5-20x, viewing angle 9 degrees, 600 l/mm, ballistic calculator, compatible with iOs and Android, rangefinder, smooth zoom.

Weight - 0.952 kg.


 - Image quality 4k;

 - 18 hours of battery life;

 - withstands the recoil of large-caliber weapons.


 - bulky.

    ATN Thor 4

The following night vision riflescope is the rugged ATN Thor 4, easy to carry and store. This model performs well for its price, but it lacks a reticle. The battery charge can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the device for up to 12 hours. The sight itself is not equipped with additional mounts and needs an external adapter or a mounting kit.

Specifications: Magnification 1.25-5x, compatible with all mobile operating systems, power supply - lithium-ion battery (resource for 18 hours of active use),

Weight - 0.88 kg.


 - has infrared illumination;

 - optics has a multilayer coating;

 - strong body.


 - a small working radius of about 100 meters.

SightMark Wraith HD Night Vision Riflescope

The SightMark Wraith HD Night Vision Riflescope combines ease of use in limited light and during the day.

The model is equipped with ten reticle options. Nine reticle colors have a built-in camera for video recording—power type - four AA batteries, which last for 4.5 hours of battery life. The device has an 8x digital zoom and an additional bar for accessories. However, you can connect external power sources via the MicroUSB port.

This sight can recognize a target at a distance of about 200 meters.

Also, the device has a shockproof and waterproof case.

Specifications: CMOS sensor, FLCOS display, magnification 4-32x, viewing angle 7 degrees, infrared illumination, 6V power supply, battery life 3.5 hours of active use.

Weight with batteries - 1kg.


 - infrared illumination;

 - compactness;

 - several options for the reticle;


 - display with medium screen resolution.

Wanney Digital Night Scope

Another exciting offering on the night vision market is the Wanney Digital Night Scope. This device works great with a wide field of view, even though it is possible to determine the target at a distance of more than 150 meters. The sight is equipped with three types of reticle, made of thermoplastic material, has a mount for qualifying lower on the axis of the rifle barrel, which makes it easier to balance. This model is suitable for beginners when working at a distance of no more than 200 meters.

Specifications: 2x digital zoom and 3.9x optical amplification, with 940nm invisible IR wave light, Built-in gyroscope compute the angle of inclination, Built-in rechargeable battery, about 6-8 hours working time, GPS, Wifi transmit, Video, Photo, Range finder, Gyroscope, Temperature.

Vaga - 1.056 kg.


 - the device can be used in the daytime;

 - strong case;

 - easy focusing;


 - short battery life.

Bestsight DIY

Finally, let's talk about the unusual Bestsight DIY night vision scope. Yes, this is a rather bulky design mounted on the main optical sight and is equipped with its display. But this device works thanks to excellent optics even at relatively long distances. Also, the installation of the device is quick and convenient even for novice users. The sight can be used both at night and during the day. A 5-inch display shows high-quality images obtained with a powerful telescopic zoom.

Specifications: 5-inch screen (720p), power supply - 18650 batteries (5pcs), infrared light (5W).

Weight - 1kg.

Pros: has a flashlight, works both day and night, is easy to install and operate, the camera has a 360-degree rotation.

Cons: the need for external power supplies.

Before choosing a night vision scope, you should consider all the characteristics. This is an expensive optic. The wrong selection will lead to limited functionality on the hunt. Pay attention to the brand. Only professional companies that specialize in weapon optics produce decent equipment. Cheap alternatives don't last long and will disappoint with their features.

You should also take into account the following features:

• sight generation and image type;

• the possibility of optical image enlargement;

• type and quality of reticle, illumination;

• a power source that won't let you down;

• dimensions, weight, and method of attachment to the weapon;

• operating temperature range of the optical device.

The price of a night vision scope also depends on the selected parameters. The cost will be significantly higher than a traditional optical sight, but the functionality and complexity of the equipment design justify such prices. To get the most out of it, read the user manual to help you better understand the full functionality of the equipment.

The modern market for offers of night vision scopes has a vast range and is designed for both beginners and professionals. A high-quality device can be picked up for 200 bucks and several thousand dollars. You don't need to rush. You need to sit down and think, weighing the pros and cons.

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