AGM NVG-40 NL review

The range of use of night vision devices is extensive. It started when it was used for military purposes on the battlefield. But this device not only there proved its usefulness, and soon it reached the shelves of civilian stores, where it could be purchased without much difficulty. After all, it is a handy device both for domestic purposes and for repair purposes. It has proved itself in law enforcement and hunting. Although, given the device's specificity, it is always necessary to comply with all the regulations and conditions of its operation with the required documentation. But if you are serious and want to buy a good and high-quality device, it is worth paying your attention to the following specimen.

Characteristics of AGM NVG-40 NL

    Let's start with the simplest. When you buy this device, you will not look into it squinting with one eye because this is a dual-channel night vision system. And it is worth paying attention to the name of the NVS because it hints at the angle of view (40 °), which has this device. This facilitates its operation and your luggage. After all, it means that your field of view in glasses increases, and therefore the need to use an additional device, namely binoculars, disappears.
    The description of the device states that this particular device belongs to the second generation. And if you are a beginner in this business and just got interested and started to study information about night vision devices, then a pretty logical question that may arise is, "what does this generation mean, and why is it indicated in the description of the device? And if we explain in simple words and briefly, night vision devices are divided into generations depending on the technology used in the device. And for connoisseurs, this can already tell at least some information about it. Distance object detection, night vision device (2 +) generation, has an average of about 500-800 meters, which depends on the diameter of the objective lens and the optical magnification (multiplicity). The electronic converter's high sensitivity allows the use of sight without an infrared illuminator, but at small distances (150-250 m), which positively affects the behavior of animals under observation. And if an infrared illuminator of a higher power is used, the distance of detection can be significantly increased, which extends the range of action of the glasses. Returning to the characteristics of this device, it is worth noting that it uses advanced optics with multi-layer enlightenment. It is made of composite material, which is also its undeniable advantage because it serves as a guarantee of the device's longevity.
    As for the battery, the developers have also taken care of the convenience of use because it will work with regular AA alkaline batteries or CR123A. At the same time, it pleases with its autonomy. It works up to 20 hours. And the built-in infrared backlight lets you even read in the dark. And you don't have to hold it all the time because it has the following mounting systems: AN/PVS-7D, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-7A/C, AN/PVS-15, and AN/PVS-18 mounts, or to the mounts with a mini-rail interface. This is very convenient because, during the surveillance, it is necessary that the hands were free for whatever purpose.
    Testing of the device showed that its operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F). Its storage temperature range is -50°C to +70°C (-58°F to +158°F). It weighs more than 500 grams, to be exact. The weight of this UAV model is 645 g (1.42 lbs). And this is important to calculate before you make a purchase. After all, you should understand that if you decide to mount it so that you do not have to hold it in your hands, that is the weight you will have to keep in your neck. 
Yes. From these characteristics, we can see that this model is worth paying attention to, both because of its good functionality and its external characteristic features of such device an approximately $4000 - $4500. Here it is up to you to decide whether this amount is affordable or worth looking at cheaper models. But in the end, we still come to the fact that you are choosing a device for yourself, and the main criterion for choosing must be that it meets your requirements.

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