Best Fusion Imaging Binoculars

With so many fusion imaging binoculars of various manufacturers now available on the world's market, it is sometimes quite complicated to decide which device will be the best buy. Below is a short overview of the top-list fusion imaging binoculars to facilitate your choice.

S&L SL-800B 640x480

One of the best models, though quite an expensive one, is an S&L SL-800B 640x480 binocular, which can please you with a 10-hour long operation, stabilized images, fast startup time, laser rangefinder, a resolution of 640×480, and an excellent distance range of up to 4000 m for vehicle detection (with the recognition range of up to 1500 m) and up to 2500 m for people detection (with the recognition range of up to 1000 m).

It is a military-type binocular featuring GPS, Wi-Fi, and photo- and video-recording function with the capability of recording a 10-hour high-quality video on a 16-GB memory card.

ATN BinoX 4T 640

Another top-quality device is ATN BinoX 4T 640 Binocular, with a thermal resolution of 640 x 480, a gyroscope stabilization feature, and such convenient options as an altimeter, an E-barometer, a 3D-accelerometer, a 3D Gyroscope, an E-compass and GPS for you not to lose even a bit of your situational awareness.

A built-in laser rangefinder allows you to measure the distance to your target with high accuracy.

This multi-functional gadget can also take photos and record videos in an HD format. A MicroSD card ranging from 4 to 64 GB can do it for you. A geotagging option is also an excellent option.

An additional pleasant bonus is a Smartphone Control App. You can download on your mobile phone or tablet to view the already-shot pictures or videos or go live-streaming using the binocular's Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, you can simultaneously record a video and streamline it.

The device also features such valuable features as Micro USB and Micro HDMI connection ports.

A Li-ion battery can provide you with 16 hours of operation, and a Type-C USB for charging the device is very convenient.

The human detection range of the device is up to 1500 m, with the human recognition range of up to 600 m.

    Armasight Command 640 HD 3

One more top-range piece of equipment is Armasight Command 640 HD 3 – 24 X 75 mm Thermal Imaging Bi-Ocular. It features such options as a thermal resolution of 640 x 512, a lens size of 75mm with a detector pitch of 17 microns allowing outstandingly sharp and bright images, and a  magnification range of 3x to 24x. A digital 1x-, 2x-, 4x, and 8x-zoom. The price is definitely considerably cheaper than the previously described S&L SL-800B 640x480 deviceю. The additional advantage is, opposite to multiple thermal IR-illuminating binoculars, the device emits neither near-infrared waves nor visible-spectrum light.

The binocular is powered by two CR123A 3V-batteries, has a power-input capability, and features a wireless remote control.

You can connect the device to a video display via its NTSC/PAL port. You can also record your thermal images for further use. 

Such features as digital contrast optimization, digital enhancement of the original image by sharpening the objects' edges, and by reducing image noise and a sky/sea enhancement option are definitely the benefits.

The optional equipment includes an HD digital video recorder, an extended battery pack, a complicated shipping and storage case, and a tripod.

Having a robust design, a lightweight, manually adjustable eyepiece and objective lenses, a real-time display, the device is very user-friendly. The bi-ocular has a machined-aluminum casing, making the device exceptionally water-resistant.

AGM Explorator FSB50-640

And one more device to complete the list is the AGM Explorator FSB50-640 Handheld Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Binocular, which features a 0.39-inch 1024×768 OLED display equipped with a proximity sensor for battery-saving, a thermal resolution of 640×512, an optical channel resolution of 1280×960, and a broad-range eyepiece. 

The view adjustment can be performed manually for both the ocular and the thermal objective lenses. 

The binocular's thermal module also features a 4x digital zoom and a pixel pitch of 17 μm.

The device is powered by four rechargeable Lithium batteries capable of providing 7 hours of operation. An external 5V power supply can be used to increase the operational time.

A GPS function and a stadiametric rangefinder are also pleasant additions.

The device can merge a thermal image with a real-vision picture to provide better highlighting and profound recognition of objects and a feature of Digital Detail Enhancement.

The device can also reduce the 3D dynamic noise, and its optical lens is sensitive enough to ensure a good-quality image in ultra-low illumination conditions of up to 0.001 lux.

You can record videos and shoot photos with the option of reviewing the shot footage on the built-in screen.

The device also features an aviation cable allowing it to be connected to a PC via a USB port or to a display via a DB9 or BNC port. This provides you an option of copying your files, viewing and storing, or sharing them for their further application. 

As for the output images, alongside standard visible, thermal, and fusion options, you can choose various additional color palettes to enhance the scenes in different specific environments such as those of a city, a desert, a jungle, sea, or snow conditions.

You can also connect your device to a phone or a tablet via a Wi-Fi hotspot. On connection, you can enjoy live-viewing, record videos directly in your phone or tablet memory, or alter brightness, zoom, contrast, and color palettes of the output scenes using your phone or tablet.

The device's standardly supplied components include eight batteries, a manual, a power adapter, a battery charger, wrist straps, aviation cable, and a non-dust cloth.

It weighed less than 1 kg and featured a waterproof capability. Even in deteriorated weather conditions and severe environments like rain, snow, smoke, or fog rain, it provides high-quality performance.

We hope that you have found this overview valuable and informative, and the provided data will help you decide which device will better suit your personal needs and preferences, or at least will allow you to discover which characteristic features are the most or the least important for you when looking for your ideal gadget.

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