Best Night Vision Binoculars

Overall, a night vision binocular is grounded on an image intensifier. This intensifier amplifies the feeble moonlight, stars, or external infrared illumination if the observation occurs in absolute darkness. It is called a night vision device vacuum cell. Usually, it's got a cylindrical shape, which comprises an accelerating system of electrodes, a photocathode, and a screen with a phosphor-coat at the other end. This device requires a voltage of several kilovolts to operate, which is summoned thankfully to a high-voltage power supply.

Three things played a significant role in the opportunity to design relatively inexpensive digital binoculars: sensitive matrices, a microelectronic element base, and screens for projecting images (like those that we use in cameras).

Fortunately, you do not need to graduate from any university or shovel gigabytes of information on the Internet to find a good night vision binocular that is right for you. However, it is still worth knowing something about not buying a pig in a poke. As soon as you start digging and learning about binoculars' different technical characteristics, you will suddenly realize that the main emphasis is on electro-optical converters. Here are the essential things to know on this topic:

The gain of the image intensifier. This thing tells the user how many times the device has amplified the light. In the most modest and ordinary devices - 500. In binoculars of a higher class (and, accordingly, more expensive and modern) - 50 thousand. The more, the better, but, as I mentioned above, for the sake of this, be kind enough to uncover your wallet wider.

Image intensifier resolution. This parameter helps to understand how accurately binoculars reproduce images of nearby objects. If you are a physicist and care about things like units of measure, then here they are - lines per millimeter. This figure can reach 65-70, and, of course, this parameter is significant, but you should not overestimate it. Experience and practice show that a resolution of 35-40 l / mm is sufficient for the comfortable use of binoculars.

Integral sensitivity of the photocathode. This is the ratio of the photocurrent to the incident luminous flux from a common light source. In simple words, this thing determines the strength of the current with which the light falls. Again for physics and measurements lovers - it is amperes per watt here. But, to be honest, we shouldn't be interested in this much because this whole story remains invisible to the operator, like infrared light or sound.

Lens size. This is where size matters. The fact is that the larger the diameter of the lens, the better it picks up weak light.

Amplification of the device. Perhaps this is the main thing that should interest the user, be it a hunter, a military man, or an ordinary bird watcher. Through binoculars, you see the image generated by the image intensifier. This is the essential function. Therefore, when choosing binoculars, pay special attention to how the focal lengths of the lens and eyepiece correlate.

The weight. If you have any weight restrictions and every extra gram is crucial to you, the easiest thing to do is to refuse binoculars because they are generally not lightweight. Option two: get the lightest device you can get your hands on. But keep in mind that super-light binoculars are more expensive.

Best Night Vision Binoculars in 2021


"Reliable Optics and Accessories" is ATN's second name. They are affordable for the average person, one of the best on the market, and there are plenty to choose from on their shelves.

The ATN NVB5X-2 is a reliable, powerful binocular with a minimalist design. There is nothing extra there. This device belongs to generation 2+ and is famous for its versatility: it is suitable both for hunting and military operations and for watching birds or, for example, neighbors.


-5x stable amplification with a mighty lens.

-Large single lens. In addition, it has two separate lenses. Thanks to this feature, these binoculars are not that heavy.

-The picture produced by these binoculars is so clear, even at a long distance, that many users believe that this device is not inferior to the 3rd generation binoculars. In addition, it works exceptionally quietly, so you will not be annoyed by any sounds during your activities.

Thanks to this illuminator, binoculars "see" as far as possible.-The R850-B3 allows you to see as clearly and clearly on nights as in broad daylight. However, there is also a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey: this device has a relatively narrow field of view.

Of course, the ATN NVB5X-2 isn't the prettiest binocular on the market, but its price and benefits offset this.


This device is your faithful guide even during the most terrible and unfavorable weather conditions. This is one of the binoculars that will show the light at the end of the dark tunnel. This is probably why law enforcement agencies and military units prefer to use it during their operations. AGM FOXBAT-LE7 NL1 will suit even the most demanding users. If you want to, you can artificially upgrade the class of these binoculars (( by stuffing a Generation 2+ or Generation 3 image intensifier in there. In addition, these binoculars can automatically adjust the brightness. This feature is handy infrequently changing lighting conditions. And one more nice thing about this device: opening the package with AGM FOXBAT-LE7 NL1, you will find two AA batteries. For you, this means that you can use the binoculars for about 40 hours without interruption.

3Sightmark Ghost Hunter 4×50

These binoculars are ideal for long periods of sitting in the bushes and the same kind of observation. It is packed with a powerful infrared illuminator and multilayer optics.

Extremely tenacious binoculars in every sense. Firstly, a special chip is built into it, which automatically knocks it down if a source of bright light suddenly appears, which, thus, conserves the battery. Secondly, this device does not care about falling since it has a lightweight, but at the same time, durable polymer case.

With Ghost Hunter, you will see in the dark as if the sun never leaves you. Whether it's low light or pitch darkness, infrared illumination and a 50mm 4x zoom lens will do it all.

4Armasight Discovery 5X

One of the most reliable binoculars on the market. Of course, it is not recommended to play football with it or try to drown it. Still, even if something like this happens by accident, you don't have to worry since it is phenomenally shockproof and moisture resistant. In addition, with all this, it remains pretty light in weight.

Armasight Discovery 5x provides the user with a relatively broad viewing angle, is equipped with the latest image intensifier tube and IR flashlight.

In general, it does not matter your occupation: you are hunting, a military man, just an ordinary lover of nature, or an employee of the special secret services - Armasight Discovery will satisfy everyone.

Advanced users will not let us lie: pictures through binoculars at night look much more spectacular and clearer if they are black and white, with high contrast and straightforward shapes and shadows. This is the image that these binoculars give.

5ATN Binox 4K 4-16x

These binoculars have fillings like the Terminator. 4-16x magnification, 4K Ultra HD sensor, dual-core processor - all this makes it a target acquisition machine (at least visual acquisition). This thing will even detect a squirrel 500 meters away. In addition, the angle-compensated laser rangefinder built into the binoculars and the E-Compass make finding your target much more accessible.

In short, the ATN Binox 4k is a real revolutionary. Thanks to it, you can take photos and videos in 4K and record and broadcast videos online. As for the quality of the image, ATN is at the top of NVG's Olympus.

Many are accustomed to the fact that when zooming in, image quality suffers, but this is not about these binoculars. Plus, it has two modes of operation - day and night, which allow you to conduct surveillance around the clock.

In general, it seems that the creators of these binoculars were preparing for an alien invasion or landing on another planet. The ATN Binox 4k has a built-in rangefinder with an accuracy of one meter, which can measure the distance to any object within 1 kilometer. Suppose you have to go to a labyrinth, to an area in which it is difficult to navigate, or you just often get lost on hikes. In that case, the electronic compass and GPS that technicians have stuffed into these binoculars will help you get out from anywhere, place geo-tags if you suddenly need it, and even help you restore the route or transfer data to fellows.

It's hard even to articulate what these binoculars are missing. It seems that ATN Binox 4k has everything you need for any request and even more.

You can use this device anywhere. It is the all-rounder in the world of binoculars. ATN binoculars will handle any task: from military and rescue to scientific and tourist ones.

By the way, about the functions from the category "and even more." This device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, thanks to which you can pair the binoculars with any digital device.

It is difficult to overestimate the observation comfort provided by this device. You can easily adjust the interpupillary distance and choose the one that is convenient for you. It is also important to note that you are observing with both eyes, which is more natural than keeping with just one look. The binocular display gives you a great picture. You do not get tired and can watch what is happening for hours.

What Are Night Vision Binoculars Good For?

It just so happened that humans are daytime beings. We do most of our business in the light of the sun. And vision is probably the leading and most important sense organ that we use. However, like everything in our body, it has weaknesses and disadvantages. The main one is that we see poorly in the dark. But humanity has never been stopped by any limitations of the organism. Therefore, we managed to level these defects of our vision. Using technical breakthroughs, we have created devices that allow us to see at night and during the day.

We have invented a wide variety of night vision devices: monoculars, scopes, glasses, binoculars. The latter is probably the most popular. Binoculars differ from areas in that we can use them without weapons. Compared to monoculars, binoculars are more convenient. Only glasses can compete with them, but at the same time, they are more expensive. This is a disadvantage of glasses because binoculars can be pretty affordable for the layman.

For a hunter, the quality of equipment plays a decisive role because it directly correlates with the trophies that they can get.

If you are the owner of a smooth-bore weapon and its aiming range is about 80 meters, then it would seem that you need to purchase the I + generation binoculars with image intensifier tubes. However, it was evident that the owners of binoculars who "see" at 300-500 meters will easily overshoot you while hunting, even with the same type of weapon. So think about whether it is worth saving. The more modest the binoculars, the more modest your trophies.

Finally, we will list a few valuable advantages of night vision binoculars:

Waterproof and nitrogen-filled - Most modern models have a waterproof case with a non-slip coating. If you are an avid hunter or a backpacker who likes to sleep in a tent, you need binoculars with a sealed construction and nitrogen filling. Such a device is not afraid of changes in water and temperatures.

Built-in rangefinder. Not all models have this thing, but hunters are advised to buy binoculars with it. It can be assumed that it will be very convenient for you, as a hunter, to know the exact distance to the animal.

Rubber eyecups. These things ensure the correct distance from the eye to the eyepiece. If they were not there, we would experience little pain in our eyes, staring through binoculars for hours.

Photo and video recording - this feature is present in digital models. It gives you the possibility of recording what is happening with the transfer of materials to a phone or tablet via wi-fi.

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