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Night vision devices include thermal imagers, monoculars, scopes, night goggles, optical attachments, etc. One could say that this is the best night vision technology. However, this would not fully describe the device. The fact is that you can use the thermal imager not only at night but also during the day, because daylight does not interfere with the thermal imager, and you can also use it in far from ideal weather conditions, such as fog, snow, rain, and even in large amounts of smoke.

A monocular is needed to observe objects that emit heat. I repeat once again - talking heat. This is the basic principle of operation of thermal imagers, in contrast to other night vision devices. It consists of a lens, an eyepiece, a microbolometer matrix, and all this in a reliable case. The principle of night vision devices is to capture infrared waves reflected from an object in small and insignificant light. In absolute darkness, the regular night vision primer will not work. Thermal radiation (IR radiation) emanates from the thing itself.

Also, in conventional night vision devices, light (IR waves) passes through the optics. It is projected onto the image intensifier tube, and the thermal imager does not use the same amount of optics as other night vision devices. As a result, thermal imagers are not cheap. They mainly use polished metal to the state of a mirror, not simple, of course, but rare metals, such as germanium. The lens captures IR waves, passes through them. They are projected onto the microbolometer matrix, converted into a video signal, and the image is displayed on display built into the eyepiece of the device.

The image produced by the thermal imager is usually monochrome or warm red. The principle is quite simple: hot objects are displayed in red on a black and white background. This is one of the main differences between the thermal imager and other night vision devices. Another difference is the survivability of the device. The fact is that ordinary night vision devices sooner or later begin to let the user down as their picture becomes more dim and fuzzy, while the efficiency of the thermal imager is constant.

Remember that the device's price is greatly influenced by the matrix, size, and country of origin (USA, Europe, Belarus, or Russia). The size of the matrix affects the quality of the displayed image, especially when you enlarge it. I don't think you want to lose the clarity and contrast of the vision when you zoom in.

A monocular, in contrast to sight, is more compact and easy to use. As a rule, it has less weight and dimensions than sight or a rifle complex. And it is more convenient to use it than to throw up a gun with a picture constantly.

The scope of use of modern thermal imaging devices is extensive. They can be used not only for hunting or during military operations. So, thermal imagers can be used for rescue operations, detecting thermal leaks in construction, for medical interventions.

Monoculars are convenient for hunting. The monocular can be used at night and during the day in fog, snow, rain. It will allow you to see a living object in tall grass, behind small bushes and tree branches. There are monoculars for hunting, patrolling, army monoculars, with the ability to mount on weapons in front of a red dot sight. There are many types and forms. Just choose! And the choice is not easy.

What should you ask in the store when choosing and what to look for?


-Resolution of the matrix, the more, the better

-Frame rate (Hz), the more, the better

-Lens diameter and detection distance

-Calibration of the device (automatic or manual)

-Object recognition modes (hot white, black and red

-Power type and running time

Best Thermal Monoculars in 2021

1AGM Asp-Micro TM160  (h3)

AGM ASP-Micro TM-160 has a built-in high-sensitivity heat detector, thanks to which you will notice even a mosquito, and even in complete darkness. This device is packed with all kinds of useful functions. You can track the target with the highest temperature and measure the distance to it. This device will suit you, regardless of your field of activity: you can capture criminals with it and enjoy the wild nature in the forest, conduct military operations or escort a girl home, travel, hunt, and so on.


-Distance measurement. As you read above, this thing will help you measure the exact distance to your target.

-Hot spot marking. This monocular will show you and keep the hottest place in the observed area.

-Wi-Fi and hotspot: you can connect to the thermal imager using the app in your phone and control the settings, and you can also take photos and videos with it.

-Switching modes. Pallet switching and distance measurement.

-Storage. As noted earlier, you can take videos and photos, and they will be stored directly in the device since it has a built-in memory module specifically for this.

-Digital zoom. Zoom, let's say, for every taste: 1X, 2X, and 4X.

2Рulѕаr Неlіоn ХР Тhеrmаl Моnосulаr

Pulsar was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between the Republic of Belarus and the United States. The brand is engaged in the production of premium optics and is widely known both in amateur and professional surveillance. The Pulsar brand is one of the largest developers and manufacturers in the industry.

Рulѕаr Нelіon ХР is a heat-visor for night hunting and all-weather observations with a speed of 2.5x and a distance of statements of 1.8 km. Unlike the classic HB device, the heated visor detects and identifies "warm" objects at any level of coverage and without any illumination. It can be used in any weather (rain, fog, smog) and the presence of obstacles limiting the visibility (branches, flatbed, etc.).

The device has a higher heat sensitivity (<40 um) and a new color AMOLED display and functions - video recording, Wi-Fi integration, PiP, and Image Boost technology.


Thanks to this monocular, you begin to see more than usual, becoming a nocturnal predator in the wild. Its advantages:

-recognition of people or animals from 100 meters

-pocket size, only 170 grams

-several color palettes

-photo / video

Just take it and hit the road. Easy to use, starts up in a second. And also: it is operated with one hand, has a simple design with four buttons and an intuitive interface, black and white, white and black, differential, rainbow and many other palettes, shockproof housing, waterproof design.

3Тrіјісоn Еlесtrо Орtісѕ ІR Раtrоl Тhеrmаl Моnосulаr

From lightweight, small size to high ergonomics, this monocular is designed to emphasize frequent and long-term use on the move. The wide-angle of the field of view allows you to observe moving objects. The night vision device is equipped with a built-in IR illuminator, making it possible to keep in conditions of insufficient night illumination (in the absence of the moon and stars in the sky) or absolute darkness (in completely isolated rooms, basements, etc.).

Advantages of Тrіјісоn Еlесtrо Орtісѕ ІR Раtrоl Тhеrmаl Моnосulаr: compact, ergonomic, there is an eyepiece arm adjustment, low power consumption, there is a 1/4 mounting socket, as well as the possibility of night photo and video shooting.

3Lеuроld LТО Тrасkеr 2 НD

With Leupold LTO Tracker 2, you can carry out your activity all day long. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. At any time of the day, it will show you where the animal is and even traces of blood and much more. The new built-in Beacon mode helps you calibrate the screen, thus improving the daytime performance of the device. In turn, thanks to this, you will be able to find objects whose thermal radiation is almost similar to their background.

It is the perfect device for hunters working in the field. With the Leupold LTO-Tracker 2, you can see objects at a distance of half a kilometer. In addition, it is very compact, and you can carry it in your pocket or hand.

This monocular has only three buttons: on / off, zoom, and thermal image control.

What Are the Best Thermal Monoculars Good For?

Thermal imagers, thermal imaging sights, and binoculars have become indispensable attributes of every modern hunter. With their help, you can track the animal in the most challenging weather conditions, be it thick fog, a wall of rain, or snow.

To fix it: a thermal imaging monocular is such a thing that simplifies your activities in the dark or difficult weather conditions, leveling out the shortcomings of our vision, which works very modestly at such moments. It has an eyepiece and a thermal imaging module built into it - these are two things that give it an edge over our natural vision. Such devices are most often used by travelers, special services, and hunters. Thanks to the monocular lens, you can see objects emitting heat in any weather conditions and at any time of the day. You can easily find wounded animals or hunt down a game in the thickets of bushes. Hunting like this is more exciting and compelling. You will bring more trophies home.

When going to hunt, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate equipment. One of the most critical elements of the uniform is a thermal imaging monocular, which is used to detect objects in the infrared spectrum. Such equipment allows you to determine the target at a distance of up to 3000 meters, and its compact size and low weight exclude the possibility of weighting the luggage.

Most hunters buy thermal imaging monoculars and use them for observation, search, and tactical operations. Such equipment can be purchased with delivery, essential when professional devices are not sold in your city. The advantage is the ability to detect targets even through various obstacles. In addition, they allow observation of objects moving at a great distance without loss of image quality.

The price of such equipment for hunting depends on the technical parameters and functionality. All models are equipped with portable rechargeable batteries, which provide thermal imaging monoculars' continuous operation.

Most models of thermal imaging monoculars are equipped with W-Fi modules for transferring images to a smartphone.

Thermal imaging monocular can be purchased not only by hunters but also by animal lovers. With the help of such equipment, you can detect objects at a great distance and then take video or photographs. The following factors are considered the main advantages of devices:

-Insensitivity to the harmful effects of moisture

-Compact - they do not take up much space-

-Easy to operate

Thermal imaging monoculars will help you track down and not lose the animal at a great distance, even after some time. After all, a thermal imager allows you to visualize the thermal radiation (infrared waves) that every living creature emits. In winter, heat trails disappear much faster than in summer, but if you manage to get on the track, the beast will have no chance.

Such monoculars are also used in law enforcement agencies, at sea and ground monitoring, and at customs to detect people and animals in poor visibility conditions. Thermal imagers allow not only tracking objects but also registering thermal traces of their stay.


A thermal monocular is your second pair of eyes in low or no light conditions and weather conditions of any nuisance level. This optical device is designed to detect any sources of thermal radiation at any time of the day. They don't care about bright light sources or flares. The detection range varies from several hundred meters to several kilometers.

Due to the ability of a thermal imaging monocular to convert thermal radiation into the visible spectrum by the human eye, these devices display images of people and animals, sources of fire and heat on the monitor, detecting them even in cases where night vision devices (NVDs) cannot cope with this. This picture on the display of the thermal imager can be black and white and color.

Thermal imaging technology emits infrared radiation on the screen, and night vision devices display the reflected light of the observed object on the net. If the warm-blooded one is in the bushes, then the usual night vision device will not show the practical thing in the monitor due to the lack of sufficient reflection of the object "in the shadow" of the foliage.

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