How to Find the Correct Ballistic Helmet Size?

What is the reason why you are searching for a fitting ballistic helmet? No matter what your reason is, you know that you need to get the size right. Having the right-sized helmet can improve your performance. It will also make you safer against the possible harm that will come your way.

Why Do You Need a Helmet?

You need to realize that the helmet is one of the items that people use to protect themselves. This was first used in the 23rd century BC. Since then, it has evolved. Better materials are used, so it has become more lightweight and comfortable. The design of the helmet has also changed so that it can offer better protection. Some can be fitted with accessories to help protect the user more.

Some Factors You Need to Consider When Finding the Right Helmet

You are not just searching for a regular helmet. You are searching for a helmet that will have the chance to protect you from harm. You need to look for one that has undergone testing and is approved to be sold to different people.


Can you imagine if the helmet that you have purchased does not fit you? You will not have a helmet that you can use. If it is too small, you can barely place it over your head. If the helmet is too big, it might be removed from your head at the most crucial times. It will also affect your line of vision and your overall performance.

Different brands will also have various sizes, but the standard sizes are the following:

o          Small: 20 inches and under

o          Medium: 20 inches to 22 inches

o          Large: 21 inches to 24 inches

o          Extra Large: 24 inches and above

You can check the brand and their size chart before you purchase any item.


Can you imagine if you would be using a tactical helmet that is unstable? It will move while you are wearing it. It will affect the way that you see things. You will not be too focused because you are distracted and have to fix it all the time. This will not be useful when you are in combat, and you are trying to concentrate.

Not being focused can increase your chances of getting hurt. You may also not live to see another day if you only focus on making your helmet cooperate. Finding a stable helmet can already help eliminate that possibility.

To check if the fit is excellent, these are some of the things to think about:

•           Make sure that the helmet is not too snug or not too loose. It should feel like it is just right.

•           The crown pad of the helmet should reach your head.

•           Try this exercise wherein you would try to look above. It would help if you did not try to tilt your head or cause some problems. If you cannot do this well, then this means that the helmet does not fit you properly.

•           Try to move your head. The helmet should still stay on your head even with all the movements that you are creating.

•           If you are purchasing from a store, you can ask the help of the staff to see if the helmet fits you. It will also help if you are with someone who can let you know if the helmet fits you well or not.


Can you imagine if you would be getting an uncomfortable helmet? You will have the urge to remove it every chance that you get. This won’t be ideal if you are in combat or if you are trying to protect yourself. The last thing that you want is to become distracted because your head is already hurting because of the helmet.

Remember that your main goal is to boost your protection and improve your safety. If you do not get a comfortable helmet, you will ruin your chances.

Things to Look for When Buying the Right Helmet

You need to realize that different types of helmets are available. Your choice may sometimes depend on the kind of helmet that you would choose. Once you have already picked the sort of helmet that you want, you can consider the following things:

•           Always check if the helmet will give you the level of protection that you deserve. Some have undergone a lot of testing before being sold in the market. You can count on these helmets to save you.

•           Look for the essential helmet parts. For example, you need to look for helmets that come with padding, suspension, and the right harness system. Without all of these things, the tactical helmet you have purchased will not be helpful for your needs.

•           Consider the materials that will be used to purchase the fitting helmet. The better the materials of the helmet, the longer that they will last. Just remember that helmets are supposed to be changed after some time.

Remember that things happen when you are not expecting them to occur. If you want to provide yourself with extra protection, finding the fitting helmet will help.

The main goal of why you need to find a fitting helmet is to protect your head. Can you imagine if you would purchase a helmet that doesn’t do this? It can make some hits fatal. Not all tactical helmets will be bullet-resistant or bulletproof. If you think that this is important, eliminate all the helmets that will not offer this feature.

You can also have your personal preferences when it comes to choosing the fitting helmet for your needs. Make a list of the things that you are looking for in a helmet. It will help you narrow down your search. It can be overwhelming in the beginning. As long as you know what you are looking for, it will not be too hard anymore.

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