How to Setup a Tactical Helmet

You should know one thing about setting up a tactical helmet – as much as possible. You need to set it up depending on your needs. Even with all of the instructions that you will find, the fact remains that you need to set it up to fit you properly. It should check you so well that it will be comfortable and it will serve its purpose.

Picking the Right Helmet

How will you set up the tactical helmet if you would choose the wrong one? It would be best if you found a helmet that you can correctly place on your head. The second thing to remember is to look for one that is made out of quality materials.

You should also be familiar with the two most common types of tactical helmets, namely:

•           ATE (Above-The-Ear)

•           BTE (Below-The-Ear)

After knowing the types of helmets, you can already consider other factors such as the following:

•           Your budget

•           Protection Level

•           Comfort

Can you imagine if you would be purchasing a tactical helmet that is uncomfortable? It will make you want to remove the helmet whenever you can.

Usual Setup to Follow

Now that you are familiar with setting up the tactical helmet, it only fits that you will know how to set it up properly. Setting up can be tricky because the helmet cannot be used well if you make a mistake. It will not do what it is supposed to do, too, which is to protect you.

Learn More About the Pad System

Pads are going to be included in your helmet. They will provide the adjustability and comfort you need especially if you wear the helmet for long periods. Can you imagine if your helmet is uncomfortable? You will only be distracted the whole time that you have it on your head.

1.         Check the pads that are included when you purchased the helmet.

2.         Attach them according to the instructions that are written in the manual.

3.         You can play with the different pad configurations. Remember that your main goal is to find the perfect fit.

What About the Suspension System?

There are different types of suspension systems that are available. These different types are the following:

•           4-point

•           Ratchet type

•           Dial

•           X-Nape

•           H-Nape

As long as you know what suspension system is available, you will have an easier time finding the best fit. Different adjustments can provide you with the best fit. Choose from sliders, buckles, rivets, and other pieces of hardware. You are bound to find the solid fit that you have always wanted.

Helmet Setup Police Officers Can Do

Now that you already know how to set up the tactical helmet, it is time that you should think about the different accessories that you can use. More accessories are available if you are going to use the tactical helmet for busier scenarios. For example, if it would be used to stop an active shooter or if the police officer would need to serve a warrant. If there is a high level of threat, there are different considerations that are available.

Different Shroud Accessories

Most people are familiar with shroud accessories as those that can be used for nighttime. These accessories can also be the number of other accessories that will be placed on the helmet. Some of the items that can be identified are the following:

•           Headlamps

•           Face Shields

•           Cameras

The camera can be ideal if you need to take a video of the things that are happening. A camera can also be effective if the police would need a reference.

Rail Accessories to Consider Getting

The rail system of tactical helmets can already be equipped with different accessories. Police officers are recommended to keep their items to a minimum. Some of the accessories that can be placed on the rail system are the following:

•           Lights – Make sure to choose lights that would come with bright lumens as these are the most effective lights you can get.

•           Headset Adapters – These are going to be the most effective for protection. When choosing the correct headset adapter, make sure that you will choose the most compatible one. It will make a lot of difference.

•           Riot Shields – This will be effective if you use the tactical helmet to prevent possible situations that may occur because of rallies.


Shell Accessories to Make Your Helmet’s Shell Stronger

You want to have the right shell accessories that can offer you better protection while you are using it. There are Velcro panels that are placed on the shell already. All you have to do is to identify the right accessories. If you do not have Velcro panels yet, you can also purchase them and attach them to your tactical helmet.


Some of the accessories that you may want to place are the following:

•           Strobes are used to identify people who are using tactical helmets, especially in times of emergency.

•           Patches can effectively get to know the police officer’s blood type and other essential details.

•           Counter-weight patches that will be most effective for balance and for storing additional items.

You may also choose to place some Up-Armor solutions but remember that placing this accessory would cause added weight to the helmet.


You should know one thing about tactical helmets: they should permanently be fixed according to your needs. This means that finding the right accessories that will correctly fit you will make a lot of difference. If you put too many accessories and the helmet becomes too heavy, it might make you uncomfortable. Some would also experience fatigue.

Choose the accessories you need and make sure that your tactical helmet will provide the comfort you are searching for. Remember that the supplements should also be used to identify you in emergencies.

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