How to Setup the Combat Helmet

You may have always wanted to set up your combat helmet properly, but you do not know how to do that. A combat helmet is supposed to look cool. If it doesn’t, then you know that you may be doing something wrong.

One of the things that you have to remember is setting it up the way you want it. You can take a look at the different combat helmets that you have seen in the past. Consider all of the accessories that they have placed. Consider if these accessories will also be beneficial for you.

What Type of Helmet Do You Need?

It would help if you remembered that different types of helmets are available. Some of the available helmets are already issued to you. You can also purchase something that also works well for you.

You want to find something that you can use comfortably. Do you need to find a helmet wherein you can mount your light correctly? Do you want to use something wherein you can place your headset? Do you need to use something that will be lightweight even for an extended time?

The fitting helmet will be able to accommodate all of your needs. Remember that your choice of accessories may also be affected depending on the helmet that you will choose.

Initial Setup of the Combat Helmet

You may have a helmet that comes with the 5-pad or the 7-pad system. These pads will already be effective when you need to use the helmet for short periods. You can make some changes depending on what will be the ideal fit. You can make some changes with the pads depending on what will provide you with the most comfortable fit.

1.         Your helmet will also come with a chin strap and a harness. You can use one that comes with an H-harness system. Some upgrade guides are available for your needs.

2.         You may also want to look for a combat helmet that will come with different layers. This is also known as the “Fast Helmet.” Other manufacturers can offer various setups depending on your needs. Some can be adequately layered with the right accessories.

3.         If you want the “Grunt Setup,” this is the type of setup that is so simple. It might not look as cool as the other setups. This will be ideal if you know that you are going to walk for a long time. You may also be carrying many things, and you do not want your helmet to be heavy too.

You can decide on the initial setup of your helmet first. Once you have already made your choice, you can continue doing so much more. You can place accessories on your helmet, depending on what will help you in combat.

Remember that the only accessory that you can place on your shroud is the NVG mount. You can keep that mount attached, and all the other things you need to remember will not be complicated anymore.

Upgrade Your ACH Helmet with Rails

When you have the ACH helmet, you know that your helmet will not come with rails. There is good news, though. You can always upgrade your ACH helmet with the different products that are available right now. You are bound to find a few items that will fit your needs.

Some things to remember are the following:

1.         You can place a light on your helmet. Some will fit the type of helmet that you are looking for.

2.         You can also look for some gel pads that will help your ACH helmet fit you better. Remember that the more comfortable your helmet, the more you would love to use it for extended periods.

3.         Purchasing some adapters can be easier when you have to place some accessories on the rail. Just remember that this will only be ideal if you have above-the-ear helmets.

If your ACH helmet does not have Velcro yet, there is an easy solution for that – make sure to add some Velcro soon. The moment that you have attached the Velcro, you can do the following steps:

1.         You can add strobes to your helmet. This will make it easier for other people who are part of your team to recognize you. One of the worst things that can happen is being mistaken to be part of the other team.

2.         You can look for morale patches. These are going to be helpful for emergencies. For example, if people know your blood type, the patch may provide you with the details they need.

3.         Counterweight patches will always be ideal if you need to bring some small items with you. You can get extra batteries for your flashlight and so much more. Just make sure not to place too many things as it may affect your balance while moving around.

Once you have done all of the things mentioned above, take a look at your helmet. Do you think that your helmet looks cool?

Your Shell Accessories

You want to make your helmet look cool, right? This will be hard to do without attaching the right shell accessories. You do not have to place too many items because you do not want to make your helmet look weird. You can focus on the essential things that you can use.

Some of the things to include are the following:

•           Strobes

•           Patches

•           Counterweight patches.

They will be the same as the ones that are mentioned above.


Your military helmet can protect you if you would choose the right one for you. Having the right accessories handy will also make it more effective than you imagined. Choose all the right ones, and you will have a helmet that you would be glad to use every time.

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