Tips on Cleaning a Tactical Helmet for Military and Airsoft?

Many people would like to have a tactical helmet, but they do not know how to take care of it. The better that you care for your helmet, the longer the time that you can use it.

There is a general guide that you can follow for all the helmets that can be purchased. There are just going to be some differences depending on the brand that you will pick. They may use some unique materials that will need more special care as compared to the others. Check the manual of the helmet that you have bought.

Steps to Clean Your Tactical Helmet

It would help if you made an effort to wash your helmet regularly. Whether you have used it for battle or you have used it to play Airsoft, you know that it has become exposed to dirt and sweat. Cleaning it regularly will reduce the chances of the helmet being contaminated.

Step 1: Strip the helmet.

Different things can make your helmet look cool, right? Now is the time to strip off all of these things. Remove the interior pads from the hooks and the loops of the helmet. You will be left with the shell of the helmet.

Take a look at your retention system. Is it dirty? If you answer yes, then you would need to remove this from the shell of the helmet. Different instructions are available depending on the item. You might remove the retention system by mistake and end up having to replace your whole helmet.

You do not need to strip away the rails and the shroud unless your helmet is very dirty. As long as they are still clean, refrain from removing them. You have a higher chance of damaging your helmet if you would remove these parts regularly.

Step 2: Pay attention to the shell.

Now is the time for you to pay attention to the shell of your tactical helmet. These are some more precise tips to remember:

1.         Use freshwater with mild soap.

2.         You can use a soft brush to clean the helmet shell properly.

3.         Once you are sure that you have gotten all the dirt out, rinse gently.

4.         Place the helmet shell in a place where it can properly dry.

5.         Take a look at the tactical helmet shell. Make sure that nothing is amiss.

Step 3: Check out the pads.

Remember the pads that you have removed before getting into your retention system and the shell of your helmet? Now is the time when you should check out the pads.

1.         Slowly remove the hook and loop fasteners connected to the edges of the pad.

2.         Remove the moisture if there’s any.

3.         You can hand wash this with mild soap and water. Using a detergent may be too strong for the pads.

4.         Remove the moisture.

5.         Air dry indoors.

6.         You can start inspecting the helmet pad system once you are sure that it is dry.

Inspecting Your Tactical Helmet

Now that you have cleaned your tactical helmet, you need to check it out. You want to make sure that you can clean all the parts correctly. If there are some signs of damage, you can remove these parts or have them replaced immediately. There is no point in using a helmet when you know that it is not working correctly.

Step #1: Inspect the Shell of Your Helmet

The shell is a significant part of the helmet. Make sure that it has not gotten cracked or dented in the process of cleaning it. The moment that the fibers are exposed, this is a sign that you need to replace some parts of the helmet.

Step #2: Check the Rails and the Shroud

You need to check if these parts of the helmet have not gotten damaged. If there are some cracks, the fit of the helmet will be significantly affected.

Step #3: Inspect Your Suspension System

This is the time when you are going to look at the pads again. Check them out thoroughly. Are there some tears that may affect your comfort when you use them? If there are already some uneven areas, this is a sign that you need to get the pads replaced soon.

Step #4: Take A Look at Your Retention System

The retention system is going to be necessary. This will make sure that the helmet is going to be secure when placed on your head. You need to check the buckles. Make sure that they are not damaged, and you can use them properly. The more secure the bolts are, the better.

 Step #5: Hooks and Loops Should Be Checked

The hooks and loops are going to be important too. They should still be secure enough to hold everything in place. You need to check if some parts are already starting to peel. If not, then this is your sign of having them replaced.

 You can make your tactical helmet’s life last longer if you would make an effort to store it at the right place. Avoid getting it exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Store in a cool and dry place so that there is no chance that it will be exposed to moisture too. Another thing to remember is that air drying will always be necessary. Not doing this will cause your helmet to smell bad.

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