Best Night Vision Goggles In 2021

Human vision is not perfect. This imperfection manifests itself at the very first nightfall, or at least in low light conditions. There are several categories of people for whom it is essential to level this human defect: hunters, special services workers, tourists, rescuers, researchers, and, in general, all those whose activity presupposes the onset of the dark. Night vision goggles were invented especially for such people.

One of the main advantages of these goggles is the lack of zooming. Many people now may think that this is more a minus than a plus, since this way it turns out that goggles do not see as far as, for example, monoculars and binoculars. However, don't jump to conclusions. The fact that there is no zoom in them allows you to see the accurate picture of what is happening without being in the illusion of artificially closed objects.

Another positive factor is your free hands. You put your goggles on your helmet or head and can do whatever you want with your hands. For example, easily hold a weapon, shoot it with both hands, or start a fire.

All in all, night vision goggles are your extra eyes in low light conditions. With these goggles, you can even drive a car or walk in an unfamiliar area. You will not have any light sources, but at the same time, you will see everything.

As we have already found out above, in such goggles, you observe the actual sizes of objects and the total distance to them. Consider that your vision works the same as usual, but only better because you see everything, even in darkness.

Many such devices are not afraid of dust and moisture. For you, this means that you can use night vision goggles in any condition without worrying about whether they will break or not.

If you are worried that your head and neck will hurt due to prolonged wearing of goggles, then it is in vain. The goggles are pretty compact and lightweight. So, when hunting animals or performing tracking or rescue operations, you will not experience any discomfort in the head and neck area.

Considering that there is no zooming in the goggles and this is not a sight attached to a weapon, the question becomes how a hunter can aim at animals. For this, apart from the goggles, there is a laser designator attached to the barrel of the weapon. Of course, it would be wrong not to say this. On some models, you can find high magnification lenses like binoculars, but this is a rarity.

Best Night Vision Goggles


By buying these goggles, you guarantee yourself a wide field of view, not to mention a universal design suitable for an extensive range of tasks, from walking to hunting. You place these miraculous goggles on a mask or helmet or hold them in your hand and perform your operations. If required, you can even make a night vision monocular out of them by disconnecting one amplifier tube. These goggles can be powered by several batteries: CR123A from the basic kit or an AA alkaline battery.

2PRG Defense Apache Aviator A-9

The US Army and Navy actively use these night-vision goggles. The company, creating more and more new models of goggles, constantly brings this device to some new, sometimes unimaginable level of performance.

The filling of this device is as follows:

- filtering coatings of classes A and B

- wide format 27mm eyepieces

-settings of interpupillary gaps from 51 to 72 mm

-10 different tilt adjustments

3ATN PS154 Gen 4

The most important and, perhaps, pleasant thing for the layman in these goggles is that they have many different configurations of the image amplifier tub. They can be purchased by anyone, with any budget and any tasks they want to solve. You can easily read the map using the infrared port, so you don't have to worry about getting lost somewhere. Walk calmly at night wherever you want - you will return home anyway. These goggles are easy to use, compact, and give you the sharpest image possible.

Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles

Optionally, you can use the Nightfox Swift goggles as night vision binoculars. But it is worth remembering that this device is still designed for use at close distances. They are versatile, simple, and enjoyable to use.

There's an integrated 3000mAh lithium rechargeable battery. You plug it into a phone charger or computer USB port. A charging cable is included. The goggles can also be plugged into a USB portable battery and charged while on the go.

The device has also got a GoPro-style mounting point on the top. To place it on a tactical helmet, use camera accessories designed for GoPro. 

4Yukon Tracker 1×24

The feature of HB Tracker goggles is their multifunctionality of use. Since the Yukon Tracker 1x24 goggles act like a binocular system, with the help of a mask, they can be fixed on the head or used as binoculars for tracking at night.

During active movement, the user does not feel discomfort. The product is relatively light - it weighs only 800 grams and has a small size. There is a protection of the case from moisture and dust - it is this that makes the device practical in bad weather. Goggles can be helpful for tourists, airsoft players, security and rescue service representatives while moving in a dimly lit or utterly devoid of light space.

If you find yourself in an area with poor illumination, it is assumed that you will use a specially provided infrared type illuminator. Also, these goggles are fitted with a flip cover system. Thanks to this piece, the optics of the device are protected from any influences. For you, this means that shock, snow, or rain are not terrible for these glasses, which means that they will last you long enough, and you can use them in any conditions, even extreme ones. Soft rubberized eyecups protect your eyes from extraneous light, making using the device even more pleasant and comfortable. In the set with the goggles, you get a mask in a pair with which you will use the device. These goggles are not very inconsistent and do not require much care and attention - wipe the lenses with a napkin sometimes.

How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

When compared with other night vision devices, night vision goggles are best suited for free, calm, and comfortable movement, walking, or driving. The reason is simple, and you already know it: you see the actual distances to objects and their sizes in them. You already know about the second primary use of goggles: they are used with weapons that have a laser sight.

Night vision goggles are different, with different functions, benefits, and characteristics. Among them:

-goggles with an amplifier

-digital night vision goggles

-thermal night vision goggles

Currently, the most popular are glasses with an image intensifier. They are reliable, work flawlessly, and will be indispensable both for hunting and traveling.

I propose not to get under the skin of all these technical details and, in simple language, discuss the principle of operation of night vision goggles with an image intensifier:

1. The lens collects weak night light.

2. The device collects light particles and directs them to the photocathode of the image intensifier. The latter, in turn, converts the stream of photons into a stream of electrons.

3. The flow of electrons is accelerated by a photomultiplier tube.

4. Electrons fall on the luminescent anode under high voltage, knocking out photons from it, and they repeat the original picture entirely, however, which has already been amplified many times over.

5. This stream of photons goes straight to the eyepieces of the glasses, and, as a result, you see the very picture that you could not see before all these particle movements.

Thus, you become higher in the hierarchy than those who cannot see so well in low light conditions.

How to Use Night Vision Goggles

After reading half of the article, we can assume that you have already become an expert on night vision goggles. You know very well about the main advantage of such goggles - the ability to see in the dark and at the same time have free hands. You fix the device with a mask or helmet, go where you need to, and do what you need.

That is, you can freely use the camera, weapons, drive vehicles, or move around the area. If the goggles are no longer needed, you fold them and look at the world with your own eyes.

What You Need To Get the Right Gear

Anyone can use such night vision devices: hunters, nature lovers, travelers, lovers of observing neighbors, the military, special services, bloggers, drivers, and so on. The most popular models are those that amplify light in the visible range. In second place are glasses with infrared illumination. Of course, as elsewhere, each device has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice depends on the conditions in which you will use the goggles and what tasks you will solve.

The layman can quickly get confused in this variety of glasses, lenses, characteristics, and other things. Therefore, now we will tell you where to look and what to look for when facing the seller and the shelves in the store:

-Type of vision of goggles. Conventionally, there are two types: binocular and pseudo-binocular. The former is more expensive, but they are better quality due to two built-in image intensifiers - one for each eyepiece. The goggles will also have two eyepieces in the second case, but they have one standard converter, which feeds them a picture. They are cheaper but much worse.

-Generation of the amplifier. This is one of the main characteristics to which you should turn your attention. If you want high optical performance, then you need goggles with a more modern amplifier design.

-Object recognition range. This parameter determines whether you can distinguish one object from another. Obviously, the longer the content, the better. Professionals and experienced users of various night vision goggles claim that a viewing distance of 150 meters is more than enough.

Look at how many hours goggles can work in non-stop mode from one battery charge.-The working time from one battery charge. Here, too, everything is simple and a pattern that even a child understands: the more influential the battery, the less often you will have to change it. In addition, having goggles with a more durable battery reduces the likelihood of an unpleasant situation in which the goggles turn off and let you down at the most crucial

-Additional goodies. Sometimes it is worth taking someone from the familiar with you who will help you hold your horses and not rush to make a choice and decision. It makes no sense to overpay for most of the additional functions, especially for a beginner. For example, it is very foolish to overpay for the ability to wear an IR illuminator if you do not have one and, most importantly, you never thought of using it. Probably, the more experience you gain, and the more advanced tasks you set yourself, the more additional functions you will eventually need. But by that time you will already know for sure what, why and for what price you need.

 Above the decision to buy night vision goggles is responsible and essential. There is no place for ignorance and neglect of information. And finally, based on the goals that you pursue when buying the device, look at the following things:

-All of the things mentioned are listed above. Hopefully, the aspects mentioned above will significantly reduce your stress when choosing goggles and make you more confident in communicating with the seller.

They are different. There are many of them, scattered all over the world.-Manufacturer. Before making a purchase, go online and make sure that in your city or at least country, there is a company's service center whose goggles you are going to buy.

-Price. You care about value for money. That’s it. As we have already found out, it makes no sense to overpay.

Summary to all summaries: night vision goggles are the most convenient, affordable, and inexpensive night vision devices. It allows you to move freely with your hands-free. It is suitable for everyone whose activity takes place at night or in dark spots.

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